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Our landscape is a vast sea of tender green shoots. None of the flowering trees, shrubs and plants have reached that time in their cycle to emerge in their glorious spring raiment. Yet as we often look to flowers for our pleasure it is easy to forget that foliage—its shape, texture and colour—can also offer visual beauty of a different sort. Leaves and grasses frequently adorn themselves in subtle and attractive ways as can be seen below.

Here I am, sleek and chique, dressed  in softly coloured vertical stripes
on my long, strappy leaves.

Fioliage fan

Poka dots are always smart, very sassy, and never go out of style.

Polka Dot beauties

I am ready to trot in a stunning abstract design.
This one features blobs of colour that are splashed about at random.

Variegated colours
For an eye-catching change today
I’ll wear bands of different colours on the same outfit.

There is nothing like cut away spaces to suggest an aura of mystery.
These stencilled patterns showcase true pizzazz.

Stencil leaves
During these in-between times and as the year unfolds, we need to observe more carefully. Beauty lies in front of us wherever we go. There is always something exceptional to discover and these small moments provide a great big lift.

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Photo/Poetry Reflections

First spring bloom 1

from its wintery bed –
first spring hatchling

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Shipwreck Coast cover for Amazon

My latest eBook, ‘The Shipwreck Coast – A Traveller’s Tale,’ was inspired by a road trip along Australia’s Great Ocean Road. The powerful memories of many shipwrecks claimed there by the Great Southern Ocean, lingered for years to form the basis of this short novella.

The Blurb:

The Shipwreck Coast—claiming Antarctica as its nearest neighbour—borders part of Australia’s Great Southern Ocean. Turbulent seas, dense fogs, and underwater reefs make navigating this stretch of coastline one of the most dangerous on earth. During the years when clipper ships were celebrated as ‘Kings of the Seas,’ more than two hundred of these majestic vessels met their fate along this treacherous route.

One crew member, together with a female passenger travelling first class, survive the wreck of the Scottish clipper, the Loch Kyle. While each survivor has a different tale to tell, both stories share common threads of courage and endurance in the face of a total disaster.


Two Reviews:

“As usual, Mary Mageau writes in her gentle style. She is able to convey scenes and to evoke the feelings connected with places and people. This story, set in the days of the racing clippers, commences in Scotland, moves to Ireland and thence to Australia. The outcome was not as anticipated – a delightful change from many historical novels!

Another to add to your list of books to be read if you enjoy accurate historical adventures.”
Margie Riley


“The adept Mary Mageau has done it again, this time in a novella set in the time frame of the clipper ships. Mary takes this time in history and makes it come to life; a master at painting a picture for all to see, courtesy of her words. I lived this tale of a story based on the ill-fated Loch Kyle.”
Michele Doucette


This book can be purchased from Amazon’s Kindle store in the USA by clicking on

The Shipwreck Coast

In Australia, visit Amazon then click on kindle books and  type in, The Shipwreck Coast.
Happy reading!

I have some health issues to settle so my next blog post will arrive on Thursday, August 19th.

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