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Native floral image 1

Although our late winter landscape may appear barren, the first new buds are beginning to appear. Trees, shrubs and flower stems are slowly shrugging off their winter blues, just waiting for the life-giving spring rain and warmer days to carry us all into a new season. But what can we do when neither a flower nor a bloom has awakened to spread its scent and colour throughout our homes?

Search no further than the magnificent spread of foliage that is always available and can look stunning when arranged artistically in a container. The early new leaf colour of the eucalypt, arrayed in bright red will eventually darken to become its olive green leaf , yet a single branch, displaying all its colours, creates a beautiful table decoration.

Native floral image 4

Stones, timber pieces, gum nuts and pine cones combine well with native plants to create a pot-pourri of textures and colours. Even something as simple as a collection of leaves and branches from the same tree, arranged in a striking vase, can lift the decor of a room. Many of my nature-loving friends carry garden secatures in their cars, to harvest the interesting greenery growing near the roadside. There is often great beauty in these plants that generally remain unnoticed, bypassed or unloved.

While we wait patiently for spring flowers to appear, nature still provides the materials with which to create an attractively decorated home. Branches and leaves displayed together in unusual containers also ‘do the trick,’ so head outside and become a creative foliage collector.

Natural foliage cropped

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Our landscape is a vast sea of tender green shoots. None of the flowering trees, shrubs and plants have reached that time in their cycle to emerge in their glorious spring raiment. Yet as we often look to flowers for our pleasure it is easy to forget that foliage—its shape, texture and colour—can also offer visual beauty of a different sort. Leaves and grasses frequently adorn themselves in subtle and attractive ways as can be seen below.

Here I am, sleek and chique, dressed  in softly coloured vertical stripes
on my long, strappy leaves.

Fioliage fan

Poka dots are always smart, very sassy, and never go out of style.

Polka Dot beauties

I am ready to trot in a stunning abstract design.
This one features blobs of colour that are splashed about at random.

Variegated colours
For an eye-catching change today
I’ll wear bands of different colours on the same outfit.

There is nothing like cut away spaces to suggest an aura of mystery.
These stencilled patterns showcase true pizzazz.

Stencil leaves
During these in-between times and as the year unfolds, we need to observe more carefully. Beauty lies in front of us wherever we go. There is always something exceptional to discover and these small moments provide a great big lift.

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