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Photo/Poetry Reflections


all need
these three things-
someone to love
something  interesting to do
and something enjoyable
to look forward to

I’ll be offline for three weeks as ‘hubs’ and I escape the everyday, to discover the freedom time away can bring. My next blog post will appear on September 24th.

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Vertical-Gardens.j 4

What can we do when our garden size grows smaller or we have downsized to an apartment? It seems the only way left is to garden up. Apart from being a great space saver, a vertical garden can also be a beautiful one, as this solution provides the opportunity to enjoy more greenery, flowers or fresh vegetables in a limited space.

Vertical gardens come in many forms: a structural system that is attached to a wall, or one that remains free-standing. Plants can either be grown hydroponically or in quality potting mix. Most vertical garden types also include watering systems that are easy to install. If you have a sunny spot outside, vegetables or flowers can bring a blank, empty wall to life.

Vertical gardens can also be created indoors, as kits for indoor foliage plants usually include water collection units that prevent drips on floors or carpets. Indoor plants clear the air of pollutants too, by refreshing your living environment within the home.

Indoor vertical garden

Give free rein to your creativity by designing the look and colour scheme of your vertical garden in tandem with the seasonal changes. Check out the various vertical garden wall kits at plant nurseries or by trawling through the web. By developing a decorative or an edible green wall, it’s wonderful to know that we can garden any place, any time, or any where.

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The gardner's rest, 1


” … a Tennyson garden,
heavy with scent, languid.
The return of the word, swoon … “

Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid’s Tale


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Down the Road 2

The cooler months inspire brisk, early morning rambles that revive the senses  and restore the soul …

Down the Road

Tread lightly, while making your way off the beaten path and into the scrub …

Pine boughs

Looking upward into the vastness of the sky, life’s meaning is pondered in the sanctuary of nature’s surrounds …

Back lane tree scape

Back again where it all began, refreshed and uplifted, the day breaks into a sunlit glory …


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