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winter sky
water washed
by grey mist

in sharp winds
pine trees shiver
releasing perfume

burning hoop pine
scent of a warm kitchen
oatmeal with brown sugar

lamp light
its golden circle
draws us together

The richness of the seasons explores life and growth through the unfolding of a new spring bud – a gentle falling of autumn’s coloured leaves – the bounty of summer’s harvest – a first crocus bursting through the snow.

In 2011, I published a chap book of  haiku and tanka poems as an eBook. Entitled, Seed Pearls, these small poems are available through Amazon’s Kindle store.

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another equinox
now only shorter days
hold the sunlight

drifting mists
revealing then concealing
play hide and seek

autumn pathway
a faded patchwork
of fallen leaves

yellow harvest moon
on a barren branch
an owl perches

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a heat haze
rises from the still lake
summer’s shimmer

the quiet lake
fills with stars

a crystal pathway
reflected on water

summer solstice
she combs moonlight
through her hair


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when spring arrives
old hearts expand
like new blossoms

dawn breaks
as choirs of birds
announce the sun

looking upward
I taste the sweetness
of spring rain

on with sunscreen
and wide brimmed hats
spring equinox is here


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