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as spring arrives
our hearts expand
like peach blossoms

spring sings
as daisies awaken
to a warm sun

flaming tree –
nature’s spring paintbox
a red dazzler



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Beautiful spring lends itself perfectly to the medium of haiga, (photo/poetry). Today we have an opportunity to take digital photos and to add a text directly to this image. The art of haiga lies in the subtle relationship of the two elements. The photo, drawing or painting should not be an illustration of the text, nor is the text or short poem a caption for the picture. Each element should stand alone, yet the two must resonate to add a deeper and more complex meaning to the total work.

Following are four more examples. Hopefully one or more of these will fulfil the goal of a well-composed haiga. Your comments regarding these are always appreciated.

Sky rockets haiga

Winter sun daisy haiga



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About Spring

Cottage garden

“I must have flowers,
always, always and always”.

Claude Monet

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Rose flower,Carrington Hotel

“And the day came
when the risk it took
to remain tight inside a bud
was more painful
than the risk it took
to blossom.”

Anais Nin

(I incorrectly appropriated this quotation to Anais Nin. My thanks to Steve Schwartzman for bringing it to my attention. This Risk poem has been written by Elizabeth Appell.)

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Photo/Poetry Reflections

First spring bloom 1

from its wintery bed –
first spring hatchling

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Spring sings

spring sings
when new blooms
lift their faces
to the sun

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when spring arrives
old hearts expand
like new blossoms

dawn breaks
as choirs of birds
announce the sun

looking upward
I taste the sweetness
of spring rain

on with sunscreen
and wide brimmed hats
spring equinox is here


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