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During this year I completed two short photo/prose essays entitled: For the Love of Trees and Back Roads and Byways. After submitting them to the editor at https://naturewriting.com – one of the leading  nature writing sites in the United States, I was delighted when the website published my two books online. Links have also been added to allow readers to download, print, and share my eBooks. If you are interested click on the following links.

https://naturewriting.com/for-the-love-of-trees /


Scroll down these pages and click the link at the bottom to access the free PDF files. A browse of this website will also amaze you with the rich content and scope of all the writings.



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in gusting wind
the coloured leaves
swirl away

on every lawn
rests a patchwork
of gold and red

fall … fade … die
all autumn leaves
reach the same end

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Misty sunrise 1

a rising sun
bathes the summer landscape
in soft mist

the community barbeque
a mass gathering
of mosquitoes

one whining mosquito
patrols our quiet bedroom –
no sleep tonight

Bush Fire, 1

sudden lightning strike
tinder dry bushland

summer solstice
a new tube of sun screen
and wide brimmed hat

in burning sun
mid day becomes

summer moon
captive in a cage
of branches



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these leaves
once breathed sunlight and rain
into life-giving oxygen

here they rest
fallen, scattered, and torn
these leaves

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as spring arrives
our hearts expand
like peach blossoms

spring sings
as daisies awaken
to a warm sun

flaming tree –
nature’s spring paintbox
a red dazzler


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“The earth has music
for those who will listen.”

~ George Santayana

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Billabong, 3

Beauty is the promise of happiness


Winter’s biting cold and bitter westerly winds have created a bleak landscape. Nature is shrinking in upon itself as it rests before the arrival of spring. Instead of complaining about the weather, I’ll focus this month on the theme of ‘beauty.’ Enjoy these five installments.

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