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Hello Friends, Readers and Writers,

The Amazon kindle store has just published my book, Sparks. This is the final book that I will be writing. Its contents include thirty six pages of short stories in the genres of flash and micro fiction. 

   What can one say when writing flash fiction (1,000 words or fewer) or micro fiction (500 words or fewer)? Sparks presents a collection of short stories in which five different themes are explored: relationships, the arts, nature, the seasons and travel.  To add variety, several pieces of non-fiction have also been included.

    Flash and micro fiction has been written and read for many ages. Access to the internet has also enhanced our awareness of this genre through numerous online journals, devoted entirely to the style. Its brevity makes it easy to download flash fiction into your computer, electronic reader or smart phone.

To purchase a copy of Sparks, visit either of the links below.

Australia: https://amazon.com.au/dp/B01L3G2H3M

the USA: https://amazon.com/dp/B01L3G2H3M

I hope you will enjoy reading these short shots during your moments of free time.



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Misty Vineyard 1

an early morning chill
sunrise later – day’s end sooner

the turning of the leaves –
like a gentle mist
autumn slowly tiptoes in

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winter sky
water washed
by grey mist

in sharp winds
pine trees shiver
releasing perfume

burning hoop pine
scent of a warm kitchen
oatmeal with brown sugar

lamp light
its golden circle
draws us together

The richness of the seasons explores life and growth through the unfolding of a new spring bud – a gentle falling of autumn’s coloured leaves – the bounty of summer’s harvest – a first crocus bursting through the snow.

In 2011, I published a chap book of  haiku and tanka poems as an eBook. Entitled, Seed Pearls, these small poems are available through Amazon’s Kindle store.

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Savour each scent and colour
Painting the landscape so
Radiantly rich
In the full raiment of spring.
Nature’s beauty pays homage to
Gaia, source of this bounty.

Searing heat of summer
Unbearable at daybreak, noon and evening,
Mocks our discomfort
Moment by sweltering moment.
Exhausted and lethargic we
Reproach this sultry season.

Autumn’s languidly lovely months
Unburden us from summer heat with
The familiar gold, crimson and russet hues.
Under our feet, the crunch of leaves
Moves us toward shorter, cooler days then
Nearly upon us, winter quietly beckons.

Wildly blowing gales of wind create
Ice encrusted trees, lakes and roadways.
Nothing else exists in this white landscape
Till at last a tepid sunlight announces
Each longer and brighter day
Returning us again to the cycle of the seasons.

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