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There’s something about March—summer’s last big push—here in the Southern Hemisphere. Parks, markets and gardens are filled to overflowing with beautiful displays of flowers and fruits. Though the days are still hot, nature reaches its fulfillment by brimming over with richness and ripeness, ready for the coming harvest. It’s time again for the horticultural shows and garden expos to strut their stuff.

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What a variety of plants, floral art and craft is on offer this year, probably due to the plentiful rain! If orchids are your thing their display is dazzling, with every shape and colour imaginable to attract the buyer.

Orchids galore POTG 5

Orchids, POTG 2

Scarlet anthuriums, with their shiny green foliage, add an exotic touch. They decorate a special corner reserved for unusual plants.

Anthuriums.POTG 1

Several carnivorous plants also nestle among the exotics. These have evolved modified leaves known as pitfall traps—a prey-trapping mechanism—featuring a deep cavity filled with liquid. Pity the poor insect that lights on the lip, drawn by the sweet scent of the liquid. The rim of each pitcher plant is slippery, causing insects to fall into the trap. Inward and downward pointing hairs on the inside of the pitcher ensure that the insects cannot climb out again. Liquid at the bottom of the pitcher drowns the insect, as its body is gradually dissolved.

Pitcher plants.POTG 6

Native plants, too, are in abundance at this time and make gorgeous floral bouquets.

Natives in a basket POTG 4

Native bouquet 2

Finally you can rest your weary feet by enjoying a tea or coffee break, while¬† sampling some delicious home baked food. Demonstrations and talks—expert advice from others—also offer much to the visitor. These shows are a wonderful way to catch up up with friends, to learn something new, and to bring home the pleasures of the garden.

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