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Colour my world green in rich hues of emerald, chartreuse, jade, lime, olive, asparagus and the greenery of grass and foliage that signifies rest—regeneration—rebirth. It was from the early Romans that Venus, the goddess of gardens, vegetables and vineyards, first became associated with the colour green. Later, a natural green dye was produced from living plants when cloth was dyed blue with woad, then dipped again into a tub of yellow weed solution.

Bring me celadon and malachite used by medieval monks, painters and scribes. These early artists also produced their own green pigments by pounding yellow ochre and blue azurlite together to mix with an egg yolk and water for their tempera paint. The egg yolk and water mixture was the perfect medium in which to bind the pigment particles. This paint is long-lasting too, as tempera paintings from the 1st century still exist today.

Tropical plants

Many natural earth hues are identified as moss green, sea green, fern green, forest green, hunter green, apple green and mint green. All of nature’s green verdure occurs organically because each living plant contains chlorophyll. Chlorophyll draws energy from sunlight then uses this as a fuel to convert carbon dioxide and water into glucose. This process—known as photosynthesis—produces the natural sugar that feeds and nourishes a plant, allowing it to grow, to mature, to bear fruit and produce seed.

The word, green, first appears in the Middle and Old English word: grene, and is derived from the same root word as grass and grow. We see the colour green when we look at light with a wave length of roughly 520 – 570 nanometers. Green is associated with springtime, freshness and hope, and to be identified as one having a ‘green thumb’ is a compliment and a delight for all gardeners. In today’s world to be a ‘greenie’ distinguishes a person who cares deeply about maintaining and sustaining our natural environment and resources. On the negative side, the ‘green eyed monster’ signifies a jealous or envious person while a ‘greenhorn’ is a bumbling, inexperienced one.

Green garden foliage, 3

Nothing provides greater comfort that surrounding ourselves with an abundance of verdant greenery and herbage. I love living in a green world that is steeped in viridian.


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