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Volcanic rocks, 2 After days of cold and wind, late winter has taken its toll on the landscape. It looks tired and less vibrant. Now the rocks and stones seem more prominent. And as everything continues to change and evolve, so do the large rocks we see everywhere. Rocks are born in volcanic fire and slowly break down into boulders over long spans of time. Their uses are many: strengthening foundations, building walls, fences and pathways. Rocks, detail Mighty forces of nature: wind, fire, water, and erosion, crush boulders into smaller pebbles. These are abundant everywhere, around and within waterways, scattered through forest floors and open grassland. River stones Eventually time pulverises the pebbles wearing them down into sand. But before sand can decompose into soil, it fills vast areas of land while bordering streams, rivers and oceans. Sand dunes In the story of rocks we see nature in the raw, charting her course over eons of time, but developing so slowly that none of us will ever witness these changes in a single lifetime.


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