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My new eBook, Australia – Land of Timeless Beauty, is published in the Amazon Kindle Store. The book can be purchased and sent with a click of your mouse to a Kindle, iPad, Tablet, PC or any other electronic reading device. An engaging collection of lyric essays is found here. Each one celebrates a place that is unique within the ‘Great South Land,’ while every location, with its beauty and variety, establishes a living link to the land that nurtures and sustains it.

Many places cry out for words to shape the stories embedded within them. These include stories of the people who have claimed them and whose lives somehow articulate them. All the diverse parts of Australia–deserts to mountains, rainforests to beaches, rugged escarpments to lush tropical wetlands–provide these special compass points on the longitudes and latitudes of the land I call home.

For further information click on my book page.

I’m happy to be back online and blogging once again.

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A narrow strip of beach stretches before me. Its white sand warms my feet as its cushion gives way to a wet packed surface near the water’s edge. To the right as far as I can see lie undulating ridges of sand dunes. All are crested with tussocks of spinifex grass holding them firmly against the erosion of wind and water.

On my left is the South Pacific Ocean. I drink in its familiar colours—a glassy turquoise sea—where the horizon becomes blurred in a shimmering haze. Beyond lies the deep expanse of cobalt blue where the seabed drops away. Mirroring the blue below, the sky is laced with weightless clouds.

Closing my eyes I inhale the familiar scent of salt brine. I walk on through the shallows hearing only the drone and splash of the open sea beside me. In this peaceful space I reset my inner compass. Here at the intersection of land and water’s edge, I reclaim the sense of balance that always sustains me.

sleeping tonight
with my hand on your heart
in its steady beat
the roll
of the sea

I dream of shells
salt rinsed, sun bleached
scrolls, fans, spirals
held and admired then
returned to the sea

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I climb round and round close to the outside wall, to avoid the railing as the stair treads narrow about their central post. A semi-circular platform rests high above with glass windows that provide a sweeping view. Counting the last few steps I finally reach the top of the Moreton Bay lighthouse, where I gaze in awe at the ocean below.

the rising sun
an endless pathway
of molten gold

Outside the lighthouse lamp is rotating. I disengage it as there is no need for its warning light. Now the bold red and white stripes of the lighthouse itself will become the beacon. I study the turbulence of the deep waters churning the rocky shore below. The subtle changes in the wind, waves and tides are entered in my log book—these brief markers of the ever transforming seascape that surrounds me.

 ebb tide
a foot print shelters
one tiny crab

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