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in gusting wind
the coloured leaves
swirl away

on every lawn
rests a patchwork
of gold and red

fall … fade … die
all autumn leaves
reach the same end

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ImageMetaphor and beautifully expressive language rests in the heart of poetry, and where better than in nature, can we search for images that reflect our deepest thoughts and desires.


he reads to me
‘your presence is required
at the front line’
slowly the sun disappears
behind grey clouds

one more kiss
then your
last goodbye
under weeping willows
near the open road

tomorrow’s date
an empty square
in my wall calendar
I’ll colour in a heart
to mark it

a letter arrives
‘we regret to inform …
missing in action’
somewhere a bugler
tones The Last Post

fierce winds
strip the leaves
from their branches
shredded and scattered
all are carried away


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