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At last, we have enjoyed a few days of rain and clusters of Dietes are bursting into flower everywhere. These native grassesĀ  are growing in large spiky clumps near ponds, in garden beds and beside pathways. Their long strappy leaves are slender—somewhat sword shaped—and exhibit rich, dark green foliage.

But it is the flower of the Dietes grandiflora, that takes your breath away. This wild Australian iris (Fairy Iris) proudly displays its white blooms, lightly decorated in yellow and violet. Dark brown line markings are found at the base of the outer tepals. What a shame that its delicate beauty only flourishes in the garden, as the iris dies quickly if it is placed indoors in a vase of water.


Another delightful member of this genus, the Dietes bicolour, is the yellow wild iris. Identified by three large brown spots encircled by orange gold, Australians affectionately call this flower, ‘Brown Eyes.’ Like its sister, the wild Australian iris, it is best left alone to sparkle in the garden where these gorgeous flowers give pleasure to the aesthetic gardener and the discerning viewer alike.




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